Nothing prepares one for it… yet some are destined to tread this unknown path. A courageous memoir of an infertile journey with takeaways for one and all.

A book which gives you a completely different perspective of infertility explained by someone who has gone through it for almost nine years. A candid and honest narrative filled with emotions and first hand experiences which is sure to touch a chord with every reader. Go through it…. Trust me…. it will be an eye opener!

- Neena George

Extracts from Forewords

A Peek Inside The Book

The NINE year journey, Chapter-Wise.

Why Me?

Author speaks about her reactions to the predicament and goes on to describe what the issue was and how her mind reacted to this situation. It gives an insight into the gynaecological complications which prevented conception and the prolonged treatment that followed.

The Doubt

Her doubts as to why she was specifically chosen to go through the ordeal and how she found it difficult to accept it, is depicted.

People around you and desperation.

Gives an insight into her desperation to have a baby and how people around adversely impacted her through their words and deeds. This chapter is one which every infertile couple would resonate with.


Talks about a stage in her life when she was ready to accept the state that she was in. She realised that ‘Acceptance’ made her life less complicated and easy to handle and goes on to explain the various methods she adopted in accepting reality.


Discusses strategies applied to cope with the predicament and how they helped her lead a better life.

Self Love

Talks about the most important aspect which one forgets while encountering this ordeal - that is to ‘Love oneself’.

New Hope

Talks about the sudden twist in their life when they started seeing some light at the end of the dark tunnel they were traversing.

Miracles Do Really Happen

The journey to her final outcome of having a baby. It talks about her undying faith in God and how miracles happen in one's life.


Touches upon the myths surrounding infertility. In fact the myths seem to be so real, that one tends to believe and lose sleep over them.

Learnings and Takeaways

It sends a strong message across to the reader as to how they should behave with an infertile couple, what to speak to them, and what not to. It also mentions how this difficult journey shaped her into a better person - being more outward than inward.

Takeaways For One & All


    You will learn

  • That you are not the only one going through testing times.
  • That you are better off than the rest.
  • To be more patient in general.
  • To be empathetic towards people.
  • To practice gratitude.
  • To have faith in God.
  • To love yourself better.
  • To become conscious and abstain from hurting other's sentiments.
  • How to accept realities of life.
  • How society and people around impact your life.
  • How you can avoid getting influenced by the society.
  • Coping strategies for various situations in life.

A Must Read For

Women & Men undergoing infertility

Will provide enough re-assurance to the woman or man that they are not the only ones in these circumstances.

Spouse of the affected partner

Will be a great eye-opener for the spouse in terms of understanding their partner better. It would definitely give answers to the unexplained behaviour and mood swings of their partners.

Relatives of the affected couple

Will open a new world of understanding about what the couple is undergoing. It would sensitise them and make them more empathetic towards the couple - ending the blame game and making relations more stronger and happier.

Society at large

Will surely touch a chord with many people out there. Most of us would certainly have come across a couple facing infertility challenges. Your whole perspective of their grief would change by the time you finish this read.

Anyone facing a difficult situation

The strategies discussed in accepting and coping with difficulties can be applied to any situation in life, they are time tested ones.

Doctors treating infertility

Will be of great help to doctors dealing with such couples. It's an answer to most of their anxieties and worries.

Medical students

Will bring in lot of clarity to students and give them the much needed empathy .

Everyone who believes money can buy everything

Its for sure going to make youngsters understand the reality of life and that everything cannot be achieved with money power alone. This book is a testimony of having faith in God and would teach them lot of life lessons and values.

Book Reviews

A few insights.
"The book describes the tumultuous journey of the author who faced difficulty in achieving parenthood. She narrates her journey right from the diagnosis of infertility, initial denial, prolonged treatment that followed, moments of self-doubts, phases of hope and disappointments and finally a ‘miracle’. In addition, the author summarises the “take away” for other couples facing similar fertility issues and gives them hope."
Dr Mohan S Kamath, MS (AFMC), DNB
Department of Reproductive Medicine
CMC Vellore
"In this well-crafted narration of her personal journey, Neena George touches upon a very sensitive issue that is generally discussed by the society in hushed voices and seldom articulated boldly and with conviction! I am certain that this autobiographical account of her tryst with infertility and the way she dealt with all its inherent challenges will benefit numerous couples who find themselves walking the road she has travelled; more importantly, it should open the eyes of the lucky ones who have not had to traverse that path, and make them more empathetic."
Dr John P John, MD
Professor of Psychiatry
NIMHANS, Bangalore
"This book is a candid expression of the arduous journey of an infertile couple. Neena George, well known for her expertise in handling differently abled children, boldly attempts to unmask the silent struggle of infertility through her first hand experience of almost nine years. A thought provoking book which aims to bridge the literary gap in this field."
Mrs Reena Lanba
Former President Navy Wives Welfare Association,
Indian Navy
Neena George’s “Just A Miracle – My Tryst With Infertility” highlights the distressing social impacts on infertile couples while facing the challenging journey to conquer infertility to have a miracle baby. This book is an invaluable treasure for all couples with similar problems and also helps the treating specialists to express genuine empathy to infertile couples.
Dr Roshini John, MBBS, MD
Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist KG Medical Centre Nowra, NSW, Australia
It indeed takes a lot of courage to tell one’s story which deals with a sensitive and personal issue like infertility. The vivid description of certain incidents, people’s reactions, the pent-up emotional turmoil within and the challenges with treatment makes it relatable. A book well written, that is definitely going to help many couples deal with challenges of and beyond the medical treatment of infertility. It will also sensitise people around them, including care providers. A Valuable read...
Dr Anne Marie Kongari, MS (OBG)
Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine Head, Reproductive Medicine Unit (IVF) Bangalore Baptist Hospital
Just A Miracle — My Tryst with Infertility by Neena George is a courageous and enlightening personal journey into infertility management. The book is a highly engaging and valuable read for all those affected by infertility including providers, family, friends, and intimate partners. Not only does it provide the "story" but also gives helpful suggestions for addressing the many challenges that present during treatment for the infertile couple.
Dr Diane Wind Wardell, PhD, RN, WHNP-BC
Professor of Nursing UT Health Cizik School of Nursing Houston, Texas


Hi! I'm Neena.

Married to a Naval Officer, hailing from Kottayam, Kerala and have done my Masters in English Literature. I have donned various hats over the last three decades ranging from a Lecturer at a junior college to ground staff of an airline followed by a long stint of entrepreneurship at New Delhi and Kochi which includes teaching Abacus, Vedic Maths and Life skills. A Life Transformation Coach and Speaker specializing in relationships and helping infertile couples. I'm an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) trainer as well.

I spend most of my time working for differently-abled kids which has been my forte. I was conferred with the Rotary Shreshtacharya award in recognition of the same. One of my stellar achievements has been teaching abacus to a deaf child through lip reading. I have also been the coordinator of Sankalp – a school for the differently-abled kids of Naval personnel for many years.

Designing has always been my stress buster, and I am well known for my self-designed sarees and dresses. I am an avid gardener and an artist with a deep interest in cooking, baking, travel and an even greater passion to contribute to society.

My aim is to help couples going through the challenge of infertility by helping them reduce their stress levels induced knowingly or unknowingly by their own minds, fears and the environment.